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Hazardous Waste & Class 7 Transport

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There are nine classes of hazardous goods. We are able to carry all hazardous goods, except for Class 1 Explosives and are specialists in the carriage of Class 7 - Radioactive consignments.

We can provide a professional service in the following areas:

  • Safe and secure handling and forwarding
  • Fully compliant vehicles and trained drivers
  • Specialist onboard safety kit and equipment
  • Labelling and hazard warning panels
  • TREMcard
  • Paperwork and certificates
  • Liaison with authorities
  • Insurance
  • Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser — DGSA
  • Legal and regulatory requirements — including security training
  • Security plan
  • Comprehensive Environmental Policy accredited to ISO 14001:2004
  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality assured

The carriage of hazardous goods is one of our specialities and all of our drivers are highly trained, knowledgeable, and experienced in transporting hazardous goods including class 7, Radioactive material. 

Tyson H Burridge are experts in transporting the following:


Class 2 Gases, such as flammable and toxic gases
Class 3 Inflammable liquids, such as Nitrogen and toxic or corrosive liquids
Class 4.1 Inflammable solid materials, auto-decomposing materials and desensitised explosive solids
Class 4.2 Auto-inflammable materials
Class 4.3 Materials developing inflammable gases in contact with water
Class 5.1 Materials with an inflammatory (oxidating) effect
Class 5.2 Organic peroxides
Class 6.1 Poisonous substances
Class 6.2 Infectious substances such as clinical waste and medical supplies
Class 7 Radioactives
Class 8 Acid substances and corrosives
Class 9 Miscellaneous hazardous substances and items such as car air bags and lithium batteries

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